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How to find the home inspector that is right for you.

First of all, congratulations on your new home purchase. This is an exciting and sometimes stressful part of one’s life. I would like to extend my personal assistance to you with your new purchase, today and throughout the term of your ownership. If you ever have any questions or concerns with your property you can email me at [email protected]. If I cannot adequately answer your question by email, I will call you as soon as I possibly can. I know you have not hired my company as of yet, but that is my first and not last commitment to you.

You are probably saying “Why would this person answer a question I have I haven’t even hired him yet and I don’t know if I will”. You took time out of your day to find my website. So why can’t I take a few minutes out of my day to answer a question you may have? If you live in the states that I service, I will even get back to you today. If I don’t get right back to you and you use our services, I will give you $10 off your home inspection. Click here to see what past customers have had to say about our company.

We work for you!

Our fully-insured and licensed Precision Home Inspectors will provide you with a thorough, exhaustive inspection of your new home. Please click here to see if we are available in your area. We start on the roof and inspect everything right down to the basement, inside and out. We will do our absolute best to give you the information needed to decide whether your investment is structurally and mechanically sound. We will also point out future concerns, things that are functional now but may need repair or replacement in the future. Our inspectors will evaluate the roof by actually climbing onto the roof, as long as it is safely accessible and weather allows for it. There are some home inspectors out there who use binoculars to inspect your roof {in unsafe conditions we use high powered binoculars}. We also will do our absolute best to get into those dreaded crawl spaces at no extra charge to you.

Make sure your inspector is experienced and qualified to inspect your home!

When shopping for a home inspector, experience and ongoing training are crucial. You will see the larger companies advertise they have over 50 years of experience; they may have 40 inspectors, or will find that newer companies talk about their previous experience, engineers, contractors etc. When you are interviewing your potential home inspector, be sure to find out how much experience in home inspections your specific inspector may have. You may also click here to retrieve the “8 questions you should ask before hiring an home inspector” Even if you chose not to hire Precision Home Inspection Services Inc. please make sure your inspector is qualified to answer these questions.

My Name is Chris Letendre, I am the President of Precision Home Inspection Services Inc.. I am still actively performing 10-15 inspections per week and believe that I am in a very small way actually helping someone with what I do and I take the up most pride and commitment in my job. I am also fortunate enough to have inspectors that have the same commitment as I do.

Please call my office today to schedule a home inspection. If you are not satisfied and do not think we have given you the most thorough home inspection, I will refund the cost of your home inspection.