Why You Should Choose Precision Home Inspection Services Inc.

I have personally bought three homes in my lifetime and I know how challenging and exciting it can be. If you chose to use our company, our inspectors will take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have. As you are searching for a professional home inspector, you will find large companies, franchises, engineers and contractors and this can be very confusing and finding the right home inspector is a crucial part of your home purchase. In most real estate transactions there are different professionals for each aspect of your purchase. There is the listing agent and this is the realtor that is representing the seller of the property.  There is also a buyer’s or seller’s agent who represents the potential buyer of the property.  Please understand that if you did not sign an exclusive buyer’s agent contract, this agent may also represent the seller. If you are working with a professional real estate agent please consult him or her for more information.

Our company always works for you, to help you to make an informed decision about the purchase you are about to make.  On the home inspection we always recommend that you be present so that we can walk you through the property pointing out any concerns as well as the good qualities of the home.  After the inspection we offer you a lifetime consultation so that if you had any questions about the home we will always be here to answer them for you.


We were extremely satisfied and thankful for your recommendations and knowledge. We would not have any problem recommending your Company to someone.
Michelle S.
Swansea MA


The home we were buying was only a few years old, so I wasn’t expecting to find much wrong. We had the house inspected simply for peace of mind. Chris climbed into the attic and found that there was not enough ventilation and the plywood roof backing was covered with mold.  This would have caused a huge problem for us down the road when the roof needed to be replaced years before its time!

Eddie Freitas        

Fairhaven Ma



I was very nervous about buying an older house (house inspected was built in 1854) but after having the inspection I felt much better about the purchase. Our inspector Carlos took the time to explain exactly what he was doing, what he was looking for and why and how I could check on the same things and maintenance for such. He was obviously well versed and experienced. He even showed me other houses while standing at my potential property and showed me things wrong with their foundation etc.. sort of as comparison. It was not only educational but I left feeling like an expert was taking care of me. I was glad that he was on my side. We looked at everything together in that house. Carlos showed me how the house was supported and what to look for. Told me how an remodeling on the 3rd level would affect the foundation and what I could do to further support it. It was far more detailed than that but I’m sure you get the idea. My wife was just happy to hear that it passed since she wasn’t there, but I leave knowing that I have a strong foundation and a sound house that will last me for many years to come.  i even know how to care properly for it now and that was well worth the inspection cost. I’m glad I made the choice to go with Precision and I’ll do it again when I’m lucky enough to afford another purchase!

Thanks very much!

Luis and Soraya Romero

57 Morgan Street

New Bedford, Mass



The professionals from Precision Home Inspection Services took the time to thoroughly check every portion of my house, explain all the mechanical and structural systems and answered all of my questions in detail.  When a concern arose regarding my septic system, Chris Letendre, on his own initiative, personally took the time to return to the site during the system pump to ensure that I would avoid major problems in the future.  These guys go above and beyond to ensure that you are comfortable with their inspection and your new home!

Sean S

Tiverton RI



The inspection was very thorough.  The inspector covered everything.  He was with us at the property for over two hours. I would definitely recommend Precision Home Inspection Services to others.

Sandra Ribeiro

Pawtucket, RI



He’s always very efficient.  He was on-time and very professional.  He actually beat me there.  He used up-to-date equipment.  It was very technological equipment, I should say.  He was very thorough.  We have moved into the house and I have not found anything that he didn’t point out first.  I knew what the house was like before I bought it.  He spent a lot of time in the attic, even though it was about a hundred degrees up there.  He found a few problems.  He found things that I don’t think other people would have bothered to look for.  He checked everything.  He checked every plug, every nook and cranny.

Joyce Dennen

Taunton, MA