Christopher Letendre



Chris has been performing home inspections since 1994. He started Precision Home Inspection Services, on April 15, 2000. Chris has one unwavering demand of all his employees: Go the extra mile for a customer. “Customer Satisfaction is of the utmost importance.” His commitment to this philosophy shows in the fact that Chris regularly is hired or referred by people for whom he has already done home inspections. “When someone is investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in something and they trust you in making sure their investment is sound, that confidence they have in us is what Precision Home Inspections is all about.”

In 1987, Chris started his first construction company in Central Connecticut called Letendre Industries. From 1990 through 1994, Chris was a skilled carpenter at one of the oldest private resorts in south Florida. He was given the task of maintaining and updating the structures throughout the complex.

He is the proud parent of Caitlyn, Kyle and Christopher Fenway, who was born on June 1, 2004 and may have been the “breaker of the Red Sox curse”.


Mass. Licensed Home Inspector #257

Radon Measurement Consultant License #RMC-065


You can reach me at 800-756-1444 or [email protected]